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About Simeris

Simeris is an engineering company specialized in the delivery of innovating industrial solutions with the objective to optimize rentability for customers’ satisfaction.

To reach those objectives, Simeris gathers its own specialists in integration such as robotic, automation, mechanic, electricity and project management engineers in addition to a proven network of specialized sub-contractors to rely on.

In order to satisfy worldwide automotive manufacturers, Simeris has had to be able to guaranty contracts’ execution in conformity with applicable norms and customer’s specific expectations.

Quality of Simeris deliveries has been proven through its longevity and continuous growing on European market since 2004.

Our History

Simeris is an engineering company providing a wide variety of services in industrial environment.

Simeris was created by Mr Laurent Seyve in Trnava, Slovakia on 14th of August 2004 as a division of the French company Cimlec Industrie under the name Cimlec Slovakia, Its first activities were mainly to help systems integrators in PSA Trnava and to train local operators and maintenance technicians. That help consisted in supplying industrial goods and services to those integrators and also in providing any administrative services they may needed.

After a while, successful projects and development of its network, Simeris has been able to expand its activity and provide more and more general services and goods to customers beyond the automotive field. Today, Simeris is still a family company, its general quarters remain in Slovakia while its Polish and French entities provide technical expertise and sales representation to local markets.